Benjamin Backofen, who is the founder of BackofenPhoto, is primarily a concert photographer that is based in Oslo. Initially his career started out as a hobby. He bought a camera because some friends needed shots from a concert. Since then things spiraled. Now, not two years later, he’s founded his own enterprise and become the go-to photographer for bands as City in Stripes, The Shady Collective, Susie K, AfriKane, Discourse Connected, Elvic Kongolo and Solo Diarra. Besides concert he also does event photography and has become the main photographer at Live Arts, a painting competition with live music at Uhørt.

Through a regular Sunday jam at Cafe Sør, BackofenPhoto has been able to promote himself and get a foot inside both Cafe Sør, and Uhørt. In addition BackofenPhoto has covered openings of exhibitions, festivals, panel discussions and has done photoshoots. Check out his portfolios here: concerts, events, shoots and other.

If I have enough resources, I also make some short videos from concerts. These videos are meant to give a little glimpse into the concert. Preferably I use audio from the board, but if that isn’t possible I record with my Røde VideoMic Pro. Check out my YouTube channel.

If you are interested in my service, please contact me.